The Domain Name Business – A Quick Guide

Domains names are more than just a useful address for storing and showing business or personal information on the internet, they can bee the difference between a successful and non successful business.

Selecting the right domain name, hosting provider and website design, plus website development is not a small job.

The domain name market

A study of internet businesses showed that most of them spend less than 2 hours choosing their domain name, web hosting providers or doing a detailed plan of their website requirements. This can only lead to problem later on in the website development process and could cost you a lot of money.

The report also said that 45% of those businesses thought that they had chosen the wrong domain name and could increase sale with a better name. No surprise there when they are putting less time into the decision than they do deciding on the venue for the office xmas party. Using domain names that are complex and too long for your customers to remember and you will miss out on traffic and valuable business emails.

Although there is much controversy around the whole domain name business one thing is for sureā€¦can you really afford to let someone else capitalize on your company domain name or names. The number of domain names is increasing with most of them linked to geographical locations such as .nl for Holland, .de for Germany and .FR for France.

These local TLD’s or Top Level Domains help to categories the internet and help the customer find a supplier in their own country.

Every country in the world has been supplied with a Top Level Domain and so you can imagine the choice of TLD’s is vast. There are also continental TLD’s that are now available such as .eu and .asia, again this allows you to have a presence in a specific area of the globe.

There are other TLD’s that are Global such as .com and .net and these tend to bee used by people or businesses who require a global presence. Of course this will also make them very sort after and extremely valuable.

There are constantly new TLD’s coming online all the time for example we now have .mobi domain that are primarily for mobile devices .xxx for the adult industry.

Many other domain names are in the pipeline and I’m sure will eventually cover most categories from .clothes to .cars. This idea is generally to help make addresses more relevant.

How Domain Names Work

Domain names are a shortcut to a designated Internet address. The internet works by giving every device that is connected to it a unique identification number called an IP address and packets of data sent to and from that device are marked with that ip address.

IP addresses are not the most friendly of address to remember and can bee up to 12 digits long so the number is converted into something we all understand, “domain names” They are used as direct links to web and e-mail servers. If you Type into your browser you will find that this takes you to as a good example.

The domain names and IP Addresses that are relevant to your searches are stored in a domain name server or (DNS). So when you type the URL you want to find into your web browser, your computer sends a request to the DNS at your Internet service provider in order to find the IP address of the web server.

Once it has the correct address it can talk directly to the web server and you can search the site for as requested. I quick way to find the ip address of any web site is to use the ping command. Go to Start – Run and type, for example ping into the box.

A small window will appear with the IP address of the web server. There are also many great domains that supply this service and more, try and see what I mean. Knowing this can help you understand why you will get delays when you register a new domain name and web site or any changes you make to an existing web sites dns settings.

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